Integrated Manufacturing

Although all our services are available ala carte, we highly recommend our fully integrated manufacturing offerings.  To learn more about each of our individual services:

The benefits of integrated manufacturing

Layout, Fabrication, Assembly, and Metal Fabrication

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Cycle Time Reduction

Components of delay:  coordinating multiple suppliers:  multiple purchase requisitions and orders, coordinating technical questions between design, fabrication, and assembly.  Waiting for a PCB layout to be complete enough to get a fabrication and assembly quote.  You get a quote for fabrication and assembly at the same time you get the PCB layout quote.  Very important when dealing with turnkey assembly and long lead time parts.  We can begin purchasing long lead time parts at the same time the PCB layout is just starting.  Without integration, it might be weeks before you can issue a PO for the assembly portion.


Reduce mistakes, rework, and failed products by leveraging our collective knowledge throughout the design and manufacturing process to avoid costly mistakes our customers make on a daily basis: wrong component footprints, and expensive manufacturing costs due to incorrect design rules.



Design, Fabrication, and assembly are typically accomplished amongst three different groups, none of which fully understand the upstream or downstream processes and challenges.  With integrated manufacturing, each of the departments learns from others.  Hughes Circuits understands the effects of certain design techniques, the consequences of particular manufacturing processes on assembly, and how to ensure high reliability in assembly given the printed circuit board.


The Hughes Circuits' Corporate Presentation is available to download in PDF format. Click here to download



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