HCI offers a complete design service including Schematic Capture, Part Library work, Layout, Documentation, Conversions, Reverse Engineering, and Revisions. 


We Use the Following Tools:

Altium Designer
Cadence logo 300x66

 Mentor Pads

Solidworks and DraftSight

Hughes Circuits PCB Layout Design Group is a lean, fast-moving team that can respond dynamically to our customer’s needs.  We work efficiently to produce extremely high-quality designs in a minimum amount of time.  Our Layout Designers take an engineering-minded approach to layout, meaning that we pay attention to the functionality of each circuit to address the critical design points.  We don’t just connect the dots - we leverage the information in datasheets and application notes to create practical designs that perform as required.


We take a modern approach to a timeworn trade.  We know the value of tried and true practices, but the way things were done more than 10 years ago is not always the most efficient.  PCB layout techniques and tools have been advancing at a rapid rate in order to keep up with the hardware that engineers and designers are creating.  So, it is important to stay on top of the latest advancements in layout software, without getting distracted by shiny new features.  We determine the most accurate, and efficient ways to complete our customer’s layout designs by leveraging both proven, and cutting-edge techniques.  For example, we always use online design rule checking, and interactive routing to be quick and precise.  But, we also know when to take advantage of auto-routers to reduce design time without sacrificing quality or confidence in the layout.


We commit ourselves to accuracy in all stages of the layout process, not just component placement and routing.  Accurate component land patterns are the foundation for a well-done PCB layout.  One wrong land pattern can scrap an entire manufacturing run, and it is hard to find these errors until it’s too late.  That is why Hughes Circuits’ Layout team implements a peer-checking system for all land patterns we design.  Every land pattern is looked at by two sets of eyes in an effort to eliminate all errors.  We rely on IPC land pattern guidelines and naming conventions, as well as our own proprietary processes and automation, to quickly perform these checks.  By investing 1-2 extra hours of time early in the design process, we can save our customers thousands of dollars in potential revisions.


Hughes Circuits’ Designers are well-versed in all of the 3 major ECAD platforms.  This allows us to provide layout support directly in our customer’s native tools, rather than translating between software platforms.  All Designers have completed IPC certification courses to achieve CID or CID+ status (CID – Certified Interconnect Designer).  Our layout team has a broad range of experience in the electronics industry.  We draw upon this hardware, software, and manufacturing experience to avoid pitfalls and overcome challenges in our Customer’s PCB Layout projects.  Hands-on experience in the lab has provided our Designers with an end-user perspective that enables us to make good layout decisions for our prototype customers.


Our layout team is experienced in a broad range of board types and circuit types.  We do everything from high-speed digital and digital-RF (audio/video/memory) to sensitive analog circuits (sensors, amplifiers), to high voltage/current power boards (transportation, commercial UPS products), to microwave substrates, to probe cards, to interposers and flip-chip laminates.  In all of these categories, we do layouts for production products as well as first-stage prototypes.  We are experienced in implementing features like ICT testability, commercial/medical safety, as well as requirements for aerospace/military applications.



  • PCB Layout Design - Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro/OrCad, Mentor Graphics PADS
  • Schematic Capture - Altium Designer, Cadence OrCAD/ Concept HDL, Mentor Graphics xDX Designer/ Pads Logic
  • Mechanical - AutoCAD, Solidworks, DraftSight
  • Impedance - Polar Instruments SI9000/Speedstack
  • Automation - Proprietary scripting
  • PC Workstations - 64bit Windows, 32GB RAM


  • Native ECAD Source Files - Cadence, Mentor, Altium database.
  • Complete Manufacturing Archive - Traditional Format (Gerbers rs274x, NC Drill (Excellon) data, IPC-356 Netlist) or ODB++ format.
  • Formal Drill Drawings
  • Formal Assembly Drawings
  • Artwork Check Plots (PDF)


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