CLTE from Arlon

CLTE is a ceramic powder-filled and woven micro fiberglass reinforced PTFE composite engineered to produce a stable, low water absorption laminate with a nominal Dielectric Constant of 2.98.

Arlon’s proprietary formulation for CLTE materials creates a reduced Z-direction thermal expansion (nearer to the expansion rate for copper metal), improving plated through hole reliability. It is stable during subsequent thermal cycling in process, assembly and use.

The formulation was chosen to minimize the change in εr caused by the 19°C second-order phase transition in the molecular structure. This temperature stable εr simplifies circuit design and optimizes circuit performance in applications such as phased array antennas.
CLTE also provides higher thermal conductivity that increases the rate of heat dissipation and thus permits use of higher power in an otherwise equivalent design.

CLTE retains the low loss tangent associated with PTFE. While once required only for microwave frequencies, low loss is also of great value in reducing cross talk in high-speed digital applications and minimizes the power of consumption of a circuit design.

Features of CLTE

  • Ceramic/PTFE Composite
  • Low Water Absorption
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Loss
  • Tight Dk and Thickness Tolerance

Benefits of CLTE

  • Thermally Stable DK and Df
  • Dimensional Stability

Typical Applications for CTLE

  • Radar Manifolds
  • Phased Array Antennas
  • Microwave Feed Networks
  • Phase Sensitive Electronic Structures
  • PAs, LNAs, LNBs
  • Satellite & Space Electronics

Links for CTLE

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