IsoClad Laminates by Arlon

IsoClad laminates are nonwoven fiberglass/PTFE composites for use as printed circuit board substrates. The nonwoven reinforcement allows these laminates to be used more easily in applications where the final circuit will be bent to shape. Conformal or “wrap-around” antennas are a good example.

IsoClad products use longer random fibers and a proprietary process to provide greater dimensional stability and better dielectric constant uniformity than competitive nonwoven fiberglass/PTFE laminates of similar dielectric constants.

IsoClad 917 (Er=2.17, 2.20) uses a low ratio of fiberglass/PTFE to achieve the lowest dielectric constant and dissipation factor available in a combination of PTFE and fiberglass.

IsoClad 933 (Er=2.33) uses a higher fiberglass/PTFE ratio for a more highly reinforced combination that offers better dimensional stability and increased mechanical strength.

Features of IsoClad

  • Nonwoven Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • Low Dielectric Constant
  • Extremely Low Loss

Benefits of IsoClad

  • Less Rigid than Woven Fiberglass
  • Highly isotropic in X, Y and Z Directions

Typical Applications of IsoClad

  • Conformal Antennas
  • Stripline and Microstrip Circuits
  • Missile Guidance Systems
  • Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems

Links for IsoClad

Arlon's Data Sheet for IsoClad


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